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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
- Peter Drucker

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Exfinity Venture Partners Invests in RiverSilica
01 December

STEP invetee Exfinity Venture Partners, a fund focused on the technology sector, has invested in RiverSilica.

RiverSilica is a technology company, working on the frontiers of solutions for IP video delivery and acceleration. Through smart mathematical algorithms, their product (PIXFIX) allows consumers to watch a video of choice on their preferred device through their preferred network irrespective of the bandwidth or location. The founding team is backed by highly qualified and experienced team of engineers, who have a deep understanding of video delivery infrastructure.

The team includes:
•    Jagannathan Balaji (Director of RiverSilica), an electrical engineer and a serial entrepreneur.
•    Essaki Muthu (Head Researcher), a Gold Medalist from MIT and a holder of a Masters in Electronics Engineering; also on the cusp of completing his PHD in Video Compression.
•    Moriya-San, an experienced veteran in the High Technology Industry in Japan. He started his career at Toshiba in the 1980s.
•    Shiv Balakrishnan, a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering From IIT, Kanpur and a graduate from Purdue University and University of Florida.

RiverSilica’s co-investors include Ojas Partners.