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Your first venture is like your first love; it's easy to be swept.

Plant your first step firmly with STEP.

How We Differ Home

The Business environment has never been more challenging. The world is fraught with uncertainty. As per statistics only 12 % enterprises survive beyond 3 years. Startups and SMEs need to navigate troubled waters and need constant counseling to adapt, evolve and reinvent their business. STEP contributes to the success of its Investee companies in many ways.

  • More than Money

    STEP never invests just money. We invest our
    mind, heart and soul in every business.

    We only invest our money in three to four ventures every year. This allows us to get up, close and personal with your business. This intimate approach allows us to be more patient when things are tough.

    Unlike most angel firms and bootstrap financiers we don’t look for early exits. We are happy to stay invested with your business. We believe this is a very big difference in our approach. It allows you to breathe easy. The strategy can thus accommodate working towards a stable growth rate rather than the fastest growth rate.

  • Financial Structuring

    Financial discipline and structuring are the
    important cornerstones of any successful Business.

    STEP brings in its DNA the experience of more than 50 years of cumulative experience in financial structuring and opens significant opportunities for Corporate Finance. We assist companies to manage a reasonable financial leverage and create a low operating leverage environment to achieve lower break-even points. For a startup this is often the difference between existence and survival.

  • Early Differentiation

    Imagination is Fuel.

    At STEP we firmly believe that luck is the residue of design. Perception is more important than reality and Differentiation starts with design. Many startups ignore this factor. Branding is considered the privilege of the established. STEP believes design is everything. Design is not merely visual. Our consulting extends to branding, differentiation strategies and creating sustainable business moats.