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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
- Peter Drucker

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Exfinity Venture Partners Invests in Virtual Power Systems
20 June

Exfinity Venture Partners, a fund focused on the technology sector, has invested in Virtual Power Systems.

Founded in 2014, Virtual Power Systems (VPS) is a power company based in Silicon Valley that specializes in Intelligent Control of Energy (ICE). It was founded by Shankar Ramamurthy (IIT, IIM, Former Managing Partner at Business Capital LLC), who has founded and operated several businesses in e-commerce software.

Virtual Power Systems uses technologically advanced software that enables Software Defined Data Centers to reduce their costs by over 50% by reduction of power losses and simplification of power infrastructure. By leveraging the increasing convergence of real time machine learning and software controlled hardware, ICE is able to dynamically control power across all IT infrastructure like branch circuits, cages, containers, IT racks and the IT nodes themselves. Dynamic allocation of power allows operators to dramatically increase IT density, availability, reliability, scalability and automation that are impossible to realize in traditionally designed static power delivery.

Virtual Power Systems raised $1.3 Million in 2013.

Exfinity Venture Partners received funding from Startup Equity Partners earlier this year.