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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
- Peter Drucker

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Startup Grind in collaboration with Startup Equity Partners hosts Manish Vij, Ankur Warikoo
03 September


Startup Grind launched its New Delhi chapter on 27th July, 2013 in collaboration with Startup Equity Partners. They have successfully hosted two events at our group company, Infinity Business School with Manish Vij and Ankur Warikoo as guest speakers.

The guest speaker for the first event was Mr Manish Vij, Founder of Smile Vun Group. Manish Vij is a veteran of the digital media industry and has over 12 years of experience in the internet domain. He founded leading internet companies in areas of digital marketing and e-commerce with international joint ventures and leading venture capital firms. Manish’s entrepreneurial ventures include Quasar, SVG Media, SeventyNine and Manish’s interaction with the audience started with him sharing his personal journey as a budding entrepreneur and the ups & downs during his various entrepreneurial pursuits. His earnest demeanour and strong understanding of grass root issues further enabled the audience to connect with him. The Q&A session saw several interesting issues being addressed which added to the quality of discussion.

For the second event, Startup Grind New Delhi invited Mr Ankur Warikoo, Regional Head (Asia Pacific-Emerging Countries) of GroupOn. Ankur is a serial Entrepreneur, Consultant, Venture Partner and a Teacher. Ankur has been with Groupon since April 2011, when it entered India and is the CEO of the India Operations as well. Talking about his ‘hands-off’ style of leadership, Ankur highlighted the importance of identifying the right input variables for business success rather than spending time analysing the output. His interesting anecdotes and great sense of humour held the audience in rapture leading to a thoroughly engaging and informative Q&A round. Budding and current entrepreneurs were highly charged by Ankur’s personal journey. STEP is delighted to have made a great beginning in their association with Startup Grind with these two events. We look forward to many more of such engaging and enriching sessions.