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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
- Peter Drucker

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Exfinity Venture Partners Invests in Mad Street Den
30 January

Exfinity Venture Partners, a fund focused on the technology sector, has invested in Mad Street Den.

Incorporated in 2013, Mad Street Den (MSD) is a Chennai based Computer Vision start-up that offers a cloud-based platform for developers to incorporate AI-Computer Vision components in their apps as per their requirements. The AI stack comprises sensory processing layers, as well as contextual binding layers. They aim to Make AI through computer vision accessible & enjoyable to technology users everywhere. MSD’s core team brings together two individuals who are extremely driven and have a specific combination of education, skills, and experience that is extremely rare, relevant and valuable. AnandChandrasekaran is a Neuroscientist turned Entrepreneur who graduated from IIT Madras and has a PHD in Neuroscience. AshwiniAsokan graduated from Carnegie Mellon College and has a Masters in Interaction Design.

MSD raised $1.5 Million from Exfinity and GrowX. Other co-investors include Mr. Deepak Natraj and Mumbai Angels.

Exfinity Venture Partners is a STEP investee fund.